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” Great customer service by all staff and I really appreciated the ride home and back by the owner’s wife. Thank you so much”
Eduardo Jevellos


“You can always trust Randy’s Speedy Brake and Muffler for quick and excellent quality work. And also the lowest prices around”
Don Wishiewsk


“Always very friendly and helpful service. Knows his cars very well. Never any problems with the repairs”
Leslie Williams


“I have been having both of my trucks ’03 Hummer H2 (285,00 km) and ’93 Ford Ranger XLT 4×4(650,000 km) maintained at Randy’s Speedy Brake and Muffler for the past 7 years. Randy, Matt and Chris are exceptional in their vehicle knowledge and complete honesty for repairs required. Just one of many examples is my H2 was in at a “DEALERS” for programming keys when I was informed I needed over $5000 of front end work and I should not drive my vehicle. I drove to Randy’s where they dropped the skid plate (which hadn’t been removed by the dealer as debris was still on the plate) Matt and Randy noticed play in the Pitman arm – they tightened the nut and the truck was good to go. I drove on this “repair” for another 75,000 km. I know vehicles require upkeep and my hard earned money when spent at Randy’s is for what is honestly required.”

Rick Willander (HummerH2 and Ford Ranger XLT owner


“Going to “the other guys” always left me with a feeling that they didn’t know me, or my car. Or care about either. I appreciated immediately the friendliness, cleanliness and competence of the Staff at Randy’s, who don’t seem to change everytime I go in for an Oil Change.”

Andrew, Port Coquitlam


“I had my work van break down at a customer’s house during an especially busy week. Randy’s was able to get me back underway in a short period of time, and the van runs better than ever. Thanks!”

Bill, Coquitlam


“As a single mom going to my daughter’s friends birthday party, the last thing I needed to deal with was a “Check Engine Light” glaring at me from the dashboard. It was comforting to have Randy’s get us back on the road in short order, party saved! Thanks so much!”